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4 Ways To Get Creative On Your Fall Outfits With Blair Eadie

Whether you’re heading to the office, on your casual weekend, or to the party, looking creative this fall season is one of the keys to stand out from the crowd. The mind behind Altantic Pacific blog, Blair Eadie is a San Francisco-based style blogger known for her feminine, trendy, and creative style making her every day looks statement-making. If you’re looking for inspiration to spice up your fall outfits, keep on reading to get some tricks from Blair. Read More

4 Reasons Your Work Clothes Are Holding You Back

A good outfit probably won’t make you better at your job, but it can change the way your coworkers and boss perceive you. Whether you like it or not, fashion is a powerful tool for influencing the way others see you, and when it comes to being recognized and promoted by your superiors, your work clothes play a major role. So, keep on reading for the 4 reasons your work clothes are holding you back and how to deal with them. Read More

5 Lessons To Learn From Your Shopping Mistakes

Shopping can be a means of keeping your wardrobe fashionable and modern. However, if you’ve found a lot of unworn items in your closet, or ones that you rarely wear, there might be some shopping mistakes you’ve done in the past that contributed into a cluttered closet. Before purging your closet and shopping for fresh pieces, keep on reading for the 5 lessons you can learn from your shopping mistakes so you’ll be a savvy shopper. Read More